Sports Writer Salary

Most writers decide to become sports journalists not so much because they want to make big bucks but rather because they have a passion for the field and want to earn their living doing something there are passionate about. While they rarely earn much, they deeply enjoy what they do. This section attempts to provide an insight into the salary a sports writer can hope to earn during his career.

Starting out as a Sports Writer

Getting a foot in the door in this notoriously competitive and difficult to break into profession will take time. You should be armed with a journalism degree and a portfolio of your published work; assignments that you took on as an intern or freelance writer during your education. You will probably get your first sports writing job working for a local weekly and the salary at this stage of the game is usually not more than $20,000 a year. Most writers also submit freelance articles about local games and events to gain experience as well as improve their range of work.

Average Sports Writer Salary

After a number of years in the field and developing a name for oneself, a sports writer can expect to earn $49,000 a year, the average sports writer salary as reported by for 2010. Like with any other profession, the salary will vary based on the experience, seniority and popularity of the writer so this figure should be considered an average value. Newspapers are well known for paying very little but the larger publications will dish out a shade more than the smaller ones. A number of sports writers supplement this income by writing books, hosting blogs, participating in radio shows, television shows and Internet publications. As they build a name for themselves in their chosen specialty, they become regular invitees to these media offering them an opportunity to enhance their pay packet.

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Top of the Ladder Sports Writer

Ultimately any sports writerís dream is to become a well-known, highly sought-after journalist and in such a case, he can expect to make over $100,000 a year. The biggest newspapers or sporting channels in the world usually recruit these writers who are asked to write columns and share opinions about the sport. Having a column is an excellent way to develop reader loyalty and enjoy a more relaxed version of the profession. Sports columnists do not chase a sporting event, rushing to submit a compelling report of a thrilling game. Their inputs will usually be in the form of a well-written thought-provoking weekly column designed to offer readers an expertís opinion on the latest sports news items.

Supplementing Income

Sports writers usually make some attempt to supplement their income using whatever free time they have to build a readership following. Many create their own blogs and produce well-written posts that generate an audience. This gets them sponsors and invitations to other news outlets and consequently they are able to sustain their profession. The trick is to view it as running oneís own business. The chief income generator is the job at the newspaper but a number of other avenues can be used to earn income.

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