Sports Journalism Training

In order to kick-start a sports journalism career, some amount of journalism training is required. This will help improve your writing ability, adjust your style to suit various media and prepare you for the legal implications of journalism. There aren’t too many courses devoted specifically to sports journalism however many reputed journalism programs have concentrations within the program along with sports research institutes and sports writing associations affiliated to the college.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Masters in Sports Journalism at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

The program offered at IUPUI is unique because it linked with the highly respected and reputed School of Journalism at Indiana University – Bloomington. The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree offers students the option to concentrate on sports journalism during the course while at the same time developing on basic journalism tenets. The Master’s degree was launched in 2010 and offers students the opportunity to specialize in sports journalism. In addition, students have the opportunity to interact with a number of guest speakers and apply for useful internships at a number of respected publications.

Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Arts in Journalism at University of Texas Austin

The journalism program at this university allows 18 students to specialize in sports journalism during their program. They also facilitate international summer study programs in China, Austria and Spain as well as internships, which can be used as credit. The university has a program in Sports and Media, which the journalism students can enjoy. This program offers a number of lectures, talks, seminars and symposiums on sports research.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Pennsylvania State University

This program offers students to concentrate in sports journalism through its John Curley Center for Sports Journalism which hosts an annual sports writing seminar by leader sports journalists of radio, TV and newspapers. There are also useful resources and courses available at the university’s Center for Sports Business & Research and the Institute for Sports Law, Policy and Research. The university facilitates a number of on and off campus internships along with research opportunities in sports journalism.

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Masters in Sports Journalism at Boston University Sports Institute

This program offered at a Masters degree level is designed to train prospective sports journalists on the fine art of reporting sporting events, profiling sport personalities, revealing strategies and developing columns. It also devotes certain portions of its program to familiarizing students with how the sports writing industry functions, how to develop prospects in freelance writing and practical experience with useful internships. There are a number of associated sports broadcast and multimedia programs that students can take advantage of while pursuing their Masters degree.

School of Journalism and Broadcasting at Oklahoma State University

This institute is one of the few programs in the country that offer sports journalism specialization as an undergraduate degree. As this university is known for its sporting events and teams, the students pursuing the sports media courses have a first hand connection to the events and reporting them. There are a number of concentrations available to these students including sports broadcasting, sports journalism or sports public relations and promotion.

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