Freelance Sports Writing

One of the more convenient and lucrative ways of being a sports writer is to take it up on a freelance basis. There are a number of ways you can obtain such contracts that will not only get your work published but offer you the financial consideration you need to make this a full time profession.

This website was created in 2004 and is currently the largest job portal site in the United States. It provides job listings of all categories and verticals including freelance sports writing. When you get to the home page, simply enter ‘sports writing’ in the search field and you will be directed to all the listings related to this genre. Unlike other job search portals, only collects all the job listings from literally thousands of Internet websites including company career pages, community pages and other sources. If the candidate is interested in the posting, he will be directed to the corresponding site to apply.


Journalism is the most respected and well known site for jobs in the journalism field. It has a fairly lengthy history being around for 13 years after being created by a former business writer of The Washington Post. Since then it has grown in stature and importance and is patronized by some of the biggest names in journalism like ESPN, Time Inc, CNN and the New York Times. When you reach the job seekers section, type sports in the keyword field to find freelance sports writing. You will be able to further enhance your search by industry, position and location.


Simply is created in much the same way as It too aggregates all the job postings from resources all over the Internet and places them on one site – When you enter the site, using your keyword ‘freelance sports writing’ you will find all the relevant job advertisements. A point to not is that you don’t apply through this site. You will be directed to the host site and apply directly there. Simply is also integrated with Facebook and Linkedin allowing visitors to use their friends and business contacts to help find a job.

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If blogging is your cup of tea then you can find a number of paid blogging jobs on all relating to sports writing. The site is structured more for bloggers to create their own blogs and host them here but also provides links to paid jobs in the writing field. However, the search facility is not very advanced and does not allow you to filter your search down only to sports journalism.

Associated Press Editors Website -

The Associated Press Sports Editors is a nation wide organization devoted to enhancing and sustaining the quality of sports publications as well as highlighting superior performance amongst its members. Its website has a ‘job wanted’ board which usually contains a number of useful listings relating to freelance sports writing. There is also an ‘intern wanted’ board for those candidates just starting out in this field.

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