Famous and Popular Sports Writers

There are a number of sports writers who have made it to the higher echelons of the profession by relentlessly pursuing their interest and art. They are now widely regarded as some of the best sports journalists of our time. Here are 8 of the most well-known sports writers.

1. Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated

Rick Reilly was born in Boulder Colorado and became famous as the back page columnist for Sports Illustrated magazine. After a considerable time with Sports Illustrated, he moved ESPN in 2008 and began working as a columnist for their website – ESPN.com. He currently has his own show with ESPN titled ESPN’s Homecoming with Rick Reilly. He also contributes articles to ABC sports.

2. Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe

Bob Ryan started out his journalism career as an intern with The Boston Globe. He rose through the ranks thanks to his extraordinary skill and knowledge about basketball. He very soon became known as the guru of the sport, writing an impressive array of articles about The Boston Celtics. He stayed with The Globe for his entire career and currently also hosts a sports talk show on the New England Sports Network.

3. Joaquin Henson of The Phillipine Star

Joaquin Henson started out his sports journalism career in 1973 after completing his college degree in this specialization. He is a Fillipino sports journalist who became popular through his column ‘Sporting Chance, which has been published in the Phillipine Star since the 80’s. He is also credited with assigning a number of catchy nicknames to some of the most famous sporting stars of our time including ‘Tower of Power’ for Benjie Paras.

4. John Fenstein of The Washington Post

John Fenstein is an excellent example of a sports journalist who has widened his exposure to as many media as possible. He is primarily a columnist with The Washington Post but during his long and illustrious career he has published two best selling sports books namely A Good Walk Spoiled and A Season on the Brink. He is a regular with the Golf Channel and has a very popular blog called Feinstein on the Brink

5. William Rhoden of The New York Times

Apart from being a columnist with the New York Times since the 80’s, William Rhoden is a respected sports journalist known for publishing 2 fairly controversial books namely Forty Million Dollar Slaves and Third and a Mile. Both books look at the racial undertones that exist within the sporting field and black athletes.

6. Woody Paige of The Denver Post

Woody Paige of The Denver Post writes 4 well read sports columns for the publication every week. He is also a regular on the ESPN sports show ‘Around The Horn’ and has a number of published books to his credit.

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7. Frank DeFord of Sports Illustrated

During his long and illustrious career, Frank DeFord has achieved a number of accomplishments. Since 1962 he has been a columnist with Sports Illustrated and since then has also been a sports commentator with National Public Radio. He has over 15 books to his name, one of which has been converted into a motion picture.

8. Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times

Bill Plaschke has been a columnist with the Los Angeles Times since the late 80’s and apart from this is a regular participant in the ESPN’s sports talk show ‘Around the Horn’. Often referred to as Reverend Bill, he has been the recipient of the Associated Press National Sports Columnist of the Year four times.

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